"Mary-Jannet Leith's playing on several different recorders not only had astonishing ease and fluency; it disclosed such depth and breadth of rhythm, phrasing, dynamics and instrumental colour that made every piece played by the Duo come across as a masterpiece, aided by Thomas Allery’s delicate precision harpsichord playing throughout the performance."

Alan Cooper, Aberdeen Lunchbreak Series

"The audience was amazed to see how well-rehearsed this duo's performance was, making only the briefest of eye contact to take the required musical direction. Their highly ambitious program required immense bravura. Opulent musicianship was the order of the day, and both artists fulfilled this promise in a rousing manner. Their interpretation of Bach's Trio Sonata No. 5 was lively, yet always in a Baroque balance... Mary-Jannet Leith elicited the most magnificent flute tones from her various wooden instruments."

Klaus Niehörster, Festival Alte Musik Knechtsteden

"What a lovely introduction to Scottish Baroque chamber music, by two young and very talented musicians! Their programme was sheer fun, showcasing excellent music by Scottish composers which are unknown among the average public. Their compositions were performed to perfection by Thomas Allery on harpsichord and Mary-Jannet Leith choosing from among four different recorders. After their delightful, infectious and fascinating concert, Thomas and Mary-Jannet – dressed in family tartan – received a long, standing ovation. The public refrained from stamping its feet, whistling, or cat-calling; but managed to seduce the musicians to an encore anyway. This was very much appreciated, as none of us would have minded a two-hour-long concert by Hesperi!"

Audience Review, Utrecht Early Music Fringe Festival

"Musical fireworks were on the programme for the recent Sunday concert with Mary-Jannet Leith, recorders, and Thomas Allery, harpsichord. The concert was full of surprises and featured music not heard before by our audience, much to their enjoyment. Both musicians played with perfect control and impressive technique; they talked to people about the instruments during the interval... Mary-Jannet played three different Baroque recorders, soprano, alto, and a larger one known as a voice flute; their pure sound complemented the harpsichord perfectly."

Tomasa Sherwood, Weymouth Music Club

"Mary-Jannet Leith plays recorders, Florence Petit the baroque cello, Magdalena Loth-Hill the baroque violin and Thomas Allery the harpsichord. Their ensemble playing is immaculate, every player focused closely on the rest of the group’s work while their carefully selected instruments blended seamlessly together. This was a delightful concert; there was a feeling of enormous enjoyment from the players coupled with tightly disciplined playing, all based on serious scholarship which brought this lovely music to a Shrewsbury audience."

Andrew Petch, Shropshire Music Trust